LOUDMOUTH: July 26, 1989

Compiled by STEVE MASCORD DIESEL will drive your dollar twice as far next month following the announcement of a second show on the Rock N Roll Tour for the Hordem Pavilion on Wednesday August 16. What’s more, lasi time we looked there was still a cuppla seats left for the first gig on August 15. So […]

ROCK HEDONISM: November 23 1988

Compiled by STEVE MASCORD HARD rock has taken new territory with the announcement that Penshurst Hotel will host a booming bill this Sunday November 26. Apocalypse, Addictive, Detriment and Enticer will all play “the Den’ in what is hoped will be regular hard rock night there. Apocalypse, which plays originals plus covers by Metallica, Anthrax, Black […]

ROCK HEDONISM: December 21, 1988

By STEVE MASCORD OLD Lemmy from Motorhead had an interesting view of the Donnington disaster, in which two people were trampled to death earlier this year during the annual rock festival, when we spoke to him last week. “I think two out of half a million aint bad really,” said Lemmy from California, where Motorhead are winding […]

GUNS N’ROSES, Sydney Entertainment Centre, 1988

Live review: GUNS N’ROSES at Sydney Entertainment Centre, December 17 1988 AXL Rose is damn angry. And me, I’m just shocked. Because it’s more than partially my fault.  Guns N’Roses, one of the most publicised, heard, hated, adored and feared groups of 1988 is in full flight at the Sydney Entertainment Centre before about 10,000 […]

BON JOVI, Sydney Entertainment Centre, 1989

Live review: BON JOVI/ROXUS at Sydney Entertainment Centre, November 3 1989 I THOUGHT Jon Bon Jovi was joshin’ when he was quoted a little while back as saying Elvis “is living inside me”. But here he is, his spandex-coated posterior pointed at the audience, doing a bloody hip swivel exactly like the Pelvis himself. And […]

LOUDMOUTH: November 15, 1989

Compiled by STEVE MASCORD IT appears Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora fooled everyone when he called 2MMM last Friday week claiming to be Eddie Van Halen and announced David Lee Roth had rejoined the band.  Sambora made the call from his nearby hotel about an hour and a half before doing on stage at Sydney Entertainment Centre. He […]

KISS: Out Of The Shade (1989)

By STEVE MASCORD The very event which many thought would signal the end of KISS has, ironically, breathed life into the 15-year-old bonk-rocking beast. As we speak, the Paul Stanley-Desmond Child (yeah, HIM again) composition “Hide Your Heart” is cutting a trail of destruction across US radio and must be on the verge of being […]

CHOIRBOYS, Shellharbour Workers, 1989

Live review: CHOIRBOYS at Shellharbour Workers Club, December 1989 MARK Gable is on his knees, like some masochistic, shirtless guru. He shrieks shockingly. “bloody politicians suck”, the lights swirling around him on an otherwise darkened stage. “When are they going to give us decent roads? Do you have to die every time you go to […]

THE BOMBERS: Aiming High (1990)

By STEVE MASCORD KEITH Richards, in promoting his solo album Talk Is Cheap, accused Mick Jagger of having a “Peter Pan Complex”, of being obsessed by competing with the likes of George Michael. Alan Lancaster, one time Status Quo bassist and Party Boy, and veteran Angel John Brewster sit before me accused of the same thing. Brewster doesn’t flinch. […]