Mascord Brownz steps up #savetheprogramme campaign by offering £36 discount to 70 UK subscribers of The Front Row

International rugby league merchandiser Mascord Brownz has stepped up its recent activity around saving physical match programmes with a subscription pledge model.

The first edition of The Front Row printed in the UK, for the return of Super League from Covid-19 lockdown, sold out but the second edition – for a weekend on which there was just one game and only one British team playing – did not go so well.

MB has therefore decided to measure the ongoing demand for a global match programme each week in the UK by offering 70 fans the chance to get the publication for the final 10 weeks of the Northern Hemisphere season for just £50 including postage

This is £3.60 a week off the normal total cost of the publication.

Other rewards will be added for higher tiers.



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