Patrons first: NYCRL boss answers every question on proposed Wolfpack takeover including venue, debts, division and players

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Where will an NYC-owned Toronto Wolfpack play? Will they insist on being in Super League? How will they pay their debts? Is it true that the club’s founder wants a payout if they are sold? Will they insist on TV money? When when there be a decision? All the questions you’ve been dying to hear answered in one half-hour show.

WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode 107

WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode 107

Ian Moss – “Hold On (To What We Got)” buy 

The Overdrivers – “Hellhounds” buy

Dizzy Reed – “Mother Teresa” buy

Black Stone Cherry – “Bad Habit” buy

Bulletboys – “Once Upon A Time” buy

Reef – “Ball And Chain” buy

Stryper – “Sorry” buy

Judas Priest – “Never The Heroes” buy

Little Caesar – “Time Enough For That” buy

Bob Spencer – “What Do You Think About That?” buy

The Lazys – “Nothin’ But Trouble” buy

WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode 103

WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode 103

Gun – “Here’s Where I Am” buy 

Black Stone Cherry – “Dancing In The Rain” buy

Black Aces – “Down” buy 

Ian Moss – “If Another Day (Love Rewards It’s Own) buy

Barenaked Ladies – “Bringing It Home” buy

Bulletboys – “D-Evil” buy

The Dead Daisies – “Resurrected” buy

Europe – “Days Of Rock’n’Roll” buy

N*E*R*D – “Lemon” buy

LA Guns – “Speed” buy