BONHAM: Mad Hatters Tea Party (1992)

By STEVE MASCORD FOR TWO members of a gold status rock band, Ian Hatton and Daniel MacMaster aren’t exactly megastars yet. Bonham guitarist Hatton sits across from me in a Sydney coffee shop with vocalist MacMaster. Unless you were a bigtime fan, you wouldn’t even recognise either of them in the street. When it comes […]


By STEVE MASCORD DANA Strum is a remarkable talker. There can be no doubt about that. Whether he is the former member of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion who Vincent told us in it 320 joined without once having to play his instrument is anyone’s guess. But right now, bassist Strum is rather stunned. Here he […]

JANE’S ADDICTION: Something’s Shocking (1989)

By STEVE MASCORD “Camera’s got them images, Camera’s got them all, Showed me everybody, naked and disfigured, Nothing’s Shocking.” – From “Ted, Just Admit It”, Jane’s Addiction PERRY Farrell may not be a weirdo. He may  not be a freak, a pseud, a genius, a madman or a lunatic. By his own admission, he may […]

ROCK CRUISING: Going Overboard (2012)

By STEVE MASCORD ON the final night of Vince Neil’s Motley Cruise in 2008, shortly before the aforementioned peroxide imp was about to go on in front of a raucous crowd of heartland head-bangers, a representative of Carnival Cruise lines approached the stage manager. “I’d like to make an announcement,” said the uniformed official, smiling. “Sure,” […]

MOTLEY CRUE: Feeling Minnesota (1990)

By STEVE MASCORD THE mercury in Minneapolis is plunging mercilessly past zero as Middle America wallows in snow. Vince Neil, however, is waltzing down the hotel corridor towards his multi-room penthouse in a sleeveless v-neck shirt and blue boxer shorts. His dirty blonde hair spews out from under a neatly reversed baseball cap, just like […]

BABY ANIMALS: London Calling (1992)

By STEVE MASCORD DAVE Leslie reclined in his plush seat, surveying the cafe of a five star London Hotel that sits imposingly across the road from Lords. He looked like he’d just won rock’n’roll’s version of The Ashes. “Yeah, it’s worse than I thought it would be!” Leslie grinned Vocalist Suze DeMarchi, sitting adjacent, joined […]

AEROSMITH: About To Get A Grip (1991)

By STEVE MASCORD WE HAD to break the ice, so we DID it,” a buoyant Steven Tyler explains, when asked how he spent his first night in Australia. The pretty blonde make-up woman next to him doesn’t bat an eyelid. “Yeah, we did it… and, boy was it good,” she says with an unmistakably sordid […]

RATT: Detonating, Not Imploding (1990)

By STEVE MASCORD WARREN DeMartini is, to many, the most important rodent in Ratt. When vocalist Stephen Pearcy, bassist Juan Croucier, rhythm guitarist Robbin Crosby and drummer Bobby Blotzer are pictured at outrageous Hollywood parties in fashionable L.A. rock gear,  DeMartini is rarely in sight. No fluffed-up hair, usually pictured in a black t-shirt and old […]

POISON: Bouffantery In The UK (1990)

By STEVE MASCORD YOU’VE GOT to give Bret Michaels one thing — he’s a hustler. Ten minutes ago, he had just one shiny billiard ball to sink on his miniature pool table, and I had five. An embarrassing defeat was looming for yours truly. Now, we’re both shooting for the black. “I can’t get beaten on my own table,” […]