Kings Of The Sun Hit Back At Axl Rose, Search For New Singer


AFTER finally responding to Axl Rose 24 years after the Gunners front-man kicked him out of the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Kings Of The Sun drummer Cliff Hoad is looking for a new singer – to replace his brother.

The Gold Coast rockers wrote themselves a little piece of Oz Rock history in December, 1988, when Axl apologised from the stage for having “a puny-assed band” like KOTS open for them. Cliff had said in an interview that GN’R had more than borrowed their tough guy image from Rose Tattoo, and Axl had them kicked out of the Haymarket arena in response.

Their PA support was pulled and their laminates were ripped from around their necks. Hoad has bitten his tongue over the affair for almost quarter of a century but tells Triple M Rock News: “History has shown anything that comes out of that guy’s mouth can be taken with a grain of salt – including (by) his own band members.

“If he was ridiculous and over-sensitive back then, it’s the same today and it doesn’t wash with people anymore. Leaving people out there for two hours and not showing up for gigs, doing things that are really disrespectful to his fans and his band members and even himself …

“So whatever he said about me, or Kings Of The Sun, is just water off a duck’s back. I never thought anything of it. When I said those things, I meant them. It wasn’t necessarily aimed at Guns N’Roses. It was aimed at the Australian press and public. ‘OK, make a fuss over Guns N’Roses but at least know that Rose Tattoo exists.”

Cliff believes the time is right to relaunch Kings Of The Sun, now that the Baby Animals, Cold Chisel and Nick Barker & The Reptiles are treading the boards once again. The only problem is that blond-maned singer – and Cliff’s brother – Jeffrey Hoad isn’t interested.

Jeffrey Hoad last September was convicted in a Brisbane court of drugs production charges and sentenced to a suspended 12-month prison term/

So Cliff is looking for an Aussie singer who looks flashy but is far enough from being a wanker to avoid Aussie crowds throw things at him.

“The magic of Jeff is a very hard act to follow but as you know I have been left with no other way to go but to follow your recommendations, fans!” Cliff says.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Check out the classic KOTS song “Serpentine” at the bottom of this page let us know. Send your videos to

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Motley Crue To Tour In May 1990


BASSIST Nikki Sixx has confirmed Motley Crue will tour Australia in May — and challenged Jon Bon Jovi to a fight!
Sixx has called Bon Jovi “a lying asshole” after the New Jersey frontman told Juke last month he had nothing to do with the incident at the Moscow Peace Festival which saw Motley fire their manager Doc McGhee.
Commenting on Crue drummer Tommy Lee allegedly punching him. Bon Jovi told Juke: “Not punching me, I would’ve busted his f–kin’ head, he wouldn’t be alive to talk about it.”
JBJ has since described  Sixx as “the Kevin DuBrow of  the nineties” and accused the Crue of being afraid of “living in Bon Jovi’s shadow.”
“Do you really think Jon Bon Jovi could kick anybody in Motley Crue’s ass?” Sixx blasted from Boston.
“If he wants to, man, I’ll meet
“Tommy didn’t even punch Doc McGhee. He pushed him.
“Obviously Jon Bon Jovi’s a liar. He went and got married and then said he didn’t, then he did, he can’t make up his mind what he wants to be.”
Sixx said there was now no doubt the Crue would tour Australia bringing as much of its monstrous stage set as possible.
“We’re definitely coming,” said Sixx. “I’m just taking one day at a time now but I’d say we’ll be there in May or April.”
Sixx accused everyone involved in the Moscow anti-drug and alcohol concert in August of being drunk for the duration of the show and revealed the Crue may quit the scene completely for up to four years after their Current tour.
“Listen, we were the only people there who weren’t on dr.., who weren’t drunk and f-ked up and it was an anti-drug concert, OK?” said Sixx.
‘There’s so much lying that went on. It you’re over there to talk about not doing drugs, how the f–k can you be over there and be shittaced?
‘1 don’t think any of it was done honestly. I don’t buy into it.’’
Sixx described Bon Jovi’s music as “a sellout” and claimed Jon’s version of events in Russia, as printed in these pages, was “bullshit”.
“That group of people lied,” he said, referring to McGhee Entertainment, which manages Bon Jovi and other Moscow Peace Festival acts Cinderella and Skid Row.
“That’s something Motley Crue has never done. We don’t lie to our fans. We’re an honest band, we keep everything on the table.”
On the shock plan for a long break, Sixx said the band would be touring for at least 18 months, “then we’ll probably be releasing a greatest hits album and we’ll probably take two or three years off.
“We always take two years so I’m thinking maybe we’ll do a greatest hits, then take three and it could even be four.
“We’ll take as long as we want.”


SWEDISH GUITAR god Yngwie Malmsteen has threatened to walk out of his recording contract with PolyGram (the giant conglomerate that owns both the Polydor and Phonogram labels) if the company does not give his albums more promotion.
Speaking from Japan, Malmsteen told Mayhem that his management were already examining the possibility of escaping from the deal, but no firm decision had yet been made.
Referring to the fortunes of his recent Eclipse album, Malmsteen said: “Not much is happening. It’s really heartbreaking. The only way to sell a record is to promote it and distribute it properly.”
Malmsteen stressed that his quarrel was with PolyGram US, adding: “Worldwide, PolyGram Japan and PolyGram Europe are fine.
“The record company are very aware of this and they are saying, F**k, I’m sorry’ our record company is not very good’.
“Their staff are going or gone. The staff are getting out of the company, (others) are getting into the company.”
Asked if he would consider taking action to leave Phonogram, the former Grammy nominee replied: “Absolutely.
“(But) I would prefer to make this record work first of all.
“If I have to f**king go to hell and back, this album’s going to make It. I’m hellbent.
“There is definitely more backing for this album because the record company has paid for three videos, whereas (on) all
the other records, I only had one video.”
Malmsteen’s next two singles will be “Bedroom Eyes” and “Save Our Love”
Meanwhile, he has already written 10 new songs and will go into the studio with his current band of Goran Edman (vocals),
Mats Olvasson (keyboards), Svante Henryson (bass) and  Michael Von Knoring (drums) after Christmas. STEVE MASCORD

DANISH COW-PUNK rockers D*A*D have re-recorded four songs written before they signed to the Warner Bros, for release as an EP later this year.
‘I Won’t Cut My Hair’, ‘Isn’t That Wild?’, ‘Marlboro Man’ and ‘It’s After Dark’ were cut in Copenhagen at the end of last month before the band embarked on a number of Scandinavian festival dates. No release date or title for the EP has yet been decided upon.
For the tour, the band have done away with a drum riser and replaced it with… a giant sofa!
“Just like the one you used to sit on at your grandfather’s place,” vocalist Jasper Binzer told Mayhem.
In more less-than-believable shocks, DAD will be supported during one of the upcoming festivals by non-K! poseurs the Cure. STEVE MASCORD 

merchants the Bombers have lost their deal with A&M.
The band, which features ex-Status Quo bassist Alan Lancaster and former Angels rhythm guitarist John Brewster, are currently shopping around for another label to release their debut album, ‘Aim High’.
Lancaster explained to Mayhem that A&M were ‘too busy” to release the record in America, Canada and the UK but wouldretain distribution rights elsewhere.
The band, which also includes vocalist Tyrone Coates and guitarist Steve Crofts, wereplanning a promotional tour of the UK late this year and had won the support slot on Alice Cooper’s US tour beginning in February.
Both are now under threat.
“A&M haven’t been able to produce hit rock records yet, I’m afraid,” Lancaster said. “It was just the wrong label, there is no animosity.”
STEVE MASCORD The Bombers – “Running In The Shadows”

Crue: The Threat Goes On


HARD NUT Heavy Metallers Motley Crüe have added further fuel to the threat of fiery brawls between themselves, Guns N’ Roses, and Bon Jovi.
Bassist NikkI Sixx this week aimed a clear threat of physical retribution at Gunners singer WAxI Rose; Vince Neil has suggested Axl has been telling a “whole bunch of lies”; and drummer Tommy Lee has attacked Jon Bon Jovi for being “too f**kin’ cool” to talk to the Crüe anymore.
• NIKKI SIXX made his latest outburst after the Gunners singer last week told Kerrang! hewanted to “ass-whip” the Crüe’s Vince Neil in response to accusations made against the GN’R guitar player Izzy Stradlin’.
(Trouble began last year at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles where Nell punched Stradlin’ for allegedly molesting his wife.)
In last week’s Issue Rose claimed Stradlin’ did nothing of the sort and offered the challenge: “Vince, whichever way you want It, man: guns, knives or fists, whatever you want to do. I don’t care.”
Now Sixx, who said he was upset at these and other recent comments from Rose, has told me in Minneapolis:
“Izzy f**ked around with Vince’s wife so Vince punched him out.
“And If Axl doesn’t shut up, he’s going to start something too.”
• VINCE NEIL, meanwhile, has hit back at Rose, claiming he is making public statements just for the sake of it.
“I only speak out against people who f**k me over, whereas someone like Axl gets on the soapbox about everything and everybody in the world,” Neil told me.
“When I punched Izzy, Axl made a whole bunch of lies about it and made a big deal out of the whole story. Put out a press release that was a complete lie.
“Funny thing was, you never heard from Izzy. lzzy never put out a press release because he knew exactly what happened.

“Now Axl has said a bunch of stuff about Nikki. It’s a shame, Axl used to be a nice guy.”
Neil did not comment on Rose’s challenge, but said he Stradlin’ “deserved” to be punched.
• “When it happened I tried to make it clear that it was not a Motley vs. Guns N’ Roses thing, but between me and Izzy —  two men.”
The blonde frontman said he was still friends will all the members of Guns N’ Roses except Rose and Stradlin’.
• TOMMY LEE, meanwhile, remains unrepentant after Motley Crüe’s recent public slanging match with Jon Bon Jovi. Sixx and Neil have since cooled off following the two bands’ clash at the Moscow Music World Peace Festival last year and the resulting management split, but the drummer has asserted:
“No one In our camp has changed, and I’ve seen a lot of people change…
“I remember when Jon Bon Jovi was nothing, nobody knew who the f**k this kid was. He was begging our manager Doc McGhee (now Bon Jovi manager), ‘Please, please let me hang out with the Crue! Let me spend just a couple of days on the bus, I want to see what a real tour is like’.
“So Jonny comes out with us, we show him the ropes of the road, we put him on our bus, get him f**ked by this bunch of girls, get him drunk… show him what the arenas are like, we’re playing these big gigs. He was just like, ‘Wow… this is great’.
“Then the f**king guy has some success and all of a sudden he won’t talk to us. All of a sudden we’re dickheads. Well f**k that guy, man! We showed him what rock ‘n’ roll Is all about, we took him out and showed him the real shit. He’s just being too f**kin cool.”
• MICK MARS, enigmatic guitarist with the Crue, was unavailable for comment.

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Poison To Play At Donnington

US GLAM rock quartet Poison have confirmed that they will make their UK live debut at the Monsters Of Rock Festival at Donington Park on August 18.
Poison join headliners Whitesnake, Aerosmith and the Quireboys as the confirmed acts to date. They’ll fill the third on the bill spot.
Lead singer Bret Michaels told Mayhem this week that the band would begin their world tour in the UK before embarking on a series of support dates around Europe, opening for either Whitesnake or Aerosmith. Michaels told Mayhem that Poison had no qualms about being reduced to support status In Europe.
“We won’t make any money, believe me, but we’ll make some good fans I think,” he said. “We have to build up a fan base. We’ve got a loyal following there but I think we have to go over and play and prove to a lot of people that we’re good.
“We’re gonna come back again by ourselves, probably in ‘91, and do a full headlining tour.”
Poison have been in Vancouver since the beginning of the year with producer Bruce Fairbairn recording a follow-up LP to their multi-platinum second album ‘Open Up And Say…Ahh!
Entitled ‘Flesh and Blood’, it’s penciled in for a May/June release, and includes the following songs: ‘Ball And Chain’, ‘Life Loves A Tragedy’, ‘Don’t Give Up An Inch’, ‘Valley Of Lost Souls’, ‘Let It Play’, ‘Poor Boy Blues’, ‘Swamp Juice’, ‘Unskinny Bop’, ‘‘Something To Believe In’, ‘Sacrifice (Flesh And Blood)’, ‘Ride The Wind’, ‘Come Hell Or High Water’ and a special effects interlude called ‘Strange Sounds By Uncle Jack’.
In further Poison news, guitarist CC DeVille recently flew home to Los Angeles after his former flatmate was shot dead in a Palm Springs bar.
“She worked at a bar down there and a guy came in drunk. The bouncers threw him out and she was just In the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Michaels, commenting on the incident.
Ironically, Poison bodyguard Kuno died of a seizure at Christmas 1988, also In Palm Springs.
His death inspired the new ballad ‘Something To Believe In’.
Says Michaels: Bobby Dall called me and said, ‘Bret, it’s a curse, we’ll never play there, we can’t even vacation there’.”
Preparation for the new album was thrown into further disarray when a bag containing Michaels’ lyric book was lost in transit to Vancouver in January.
“It was a mess, luckily it showed up after a couple of days,” he said. STEVE MASCORD 

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Moscow Festival: Crue Still Peace-d Off With Bon Jovi

MOTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx has challenged Jon Bon Jovi to a fight!

Sixx has branded Bon Jovi a ‘lying asshole’ after the New Jersey frontman told us (Kerrang lssue 264) that he had nothing to do with the incident at last August’s Moscow Peace Festival which prompted Motley to dispense with the services of co-manager Doc McGhee.
The Crüe fired McGhee because, they claimed, he gave the Jovis preferential treatment at the Moscow Peace Festival. For example, BJ were apparently allowed to use pyrotechnic effects, while MC were not.
Jon Son Jovi has also refuted Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s claims that he punched him after a bust-up in Moscow.
Again in ish 264, JBJ said: “I would’ve busted his (Lee’s) f**kinh head, he wouldn’t be alive to talk about it”.
Jon has since described Sixx as ‘the Kevin DuBrow of the ‘90s’ and accused the Crüe of ‘being afraid to live in Bon Jovi’s shadow’.
“Do you really think Jon Bon Jovi could kick anybody in Motley Crüe’s ass?” Nikki Sixx told me recently. “If he wants to, man, I’ll meet him.
“Obviously Jon Bon Jovi’s a liar. He went and got married and then he said he didn’t; then he said he did. He can’t make up his mind what he wants to be.”
Sixx went on to accuse everyone (bar the Crüe) involved in the Moscow anti-drug and alcohol concert of being drunk for the duration of the show. He also revealed that the Crue may quit the scene completely for up to four years after completing their current tour.

“Listen,” Sixx continued, “we were the only people in Moscow who weren’t drunk and f**ked up, and it was supposed to be an anti-drug concert, OK?
“There’s so much lying that went on. If you’re over there to talk about not doing drugs, how the f**k can you go over there and get shit-faced?
“I don’t think any of it was done honestly. I don’t buy into it.”

Sixx described Bon Jovi’s music as ‘a sell out’ and claimed Jon’s version of events in Russia, as printed in these pa9es, was ‘bullshit’.
“That group of people lied,” he said, referring to McGhee Entertainment, the management company responsible for handling Bon Jovi’s affairs as well as those of other Moscow Peace Festival acts Skid Row and Gorky Park.
“That’s something Motley Crüe has never done. We don’t lie to our fans. We’re an honest band, we keep everything on the table.”

On the shock plan for a long break, Sixx said the Crue would be touring for at least 18 months… “Then we’ll probably be releasing a greatest hits album and at that point we’ll probably take two or three years off.

“We always take a break of two years or so after an LP and world tour, but this time I’m thinking maybe we’ll do a greatest hits record, then take three years off. It could even be four.
“We’ll take as long as we want.”

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Rose Tattoo To Reform

Angry to reform the Tatts
AUSTRALIAN ROCKERS Rose Tattoo look set to reform early next year for a series of dates in support of a new solo album from their former singer Angry Anderson, according to sources within Anderson’s Australian record company, Mushroom.
Anderson has been working under Beau Hill (Ratt/Winger producer) at Los Angeles’ Enterprise Studios and is expected to finish his comeback album by the middle of this month. He is recording there with session musicians and it’s unclear if he will attempt to bring together the original Tatts line-up or simply trade under the moniker himself.
Rose Tattoo — known for rootsy blues-based songs like ‘Bad Boy For Love’ ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw’ and ‘We Can’t Be Beaten’— are listed as major influences by acts like Guns N’ Roses and Faster Pussycat. They originally formed in 1976 and have gone through almost 20 members since then!
Kerrang! has been also told that a booking under the name “Rose Tattoo” has already been made at at least one club in Sydney, and that other Australian dates are “locked in” for a tour Down Under in January and February.
“Rose Tattoo’s reformation was brought up at our fast promotions meeting that they were planning to get back together and do some dates,” said Mayhem’s Mushroom Records source.
Anderson is thought to be on the verge of signing a lucrative deal with Atlantic and has become something of a cult figure during his three months n Los Angeles.
He recently joined Aussie emigres the Angels and AxI Rose onstage at the Whiskey for a rousing recital of the Tatts’ classic ‘Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock ‘N’Roll), the tune often covered by Guns N’Roses,
An official announcement from Anderson’s management on the reformatian is due within two weeks. Further details as they come to hand. STEVE MASCORD

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