Sandow Coy On NRL Return

By STEVE MASCORD CHRIS Sandow says the quality of his football will determine whether he returns to the NRL when his Warrington contract expires at the end of next year. The former Parramatta no.7 is one game away from a Challenge Cup final at Wembley after the Wolves’ 20-18 success on Friday night at Halliwell […]

The A-List: FRANK PRITCHARD (Hull, New Zealand & Samoa)

By STEVE MASCORD “WHEN he walked into training, the session stopped,” Hull coach Lee Radford says. “That doesn’t happen for me, I can’t do that.” It’s early in the season. The wind howls in off the North Sea. It’s pretty much dark by 5.30pm. Not far from the front door of Hull FC’s striking KC […]

Rankin: I Could Have Been Washed Up At 21

By STEVE MASCORD BOOM Wests Tigers winger Jordan Rankin says he could have been washed up barely into his 20s if not for a career-saving two-year stint with Hull. In 2008, Rankin became the third youngest debutant in Australian first class rugby league history when he made his debut for Gold Coast at the age […]

Rugby League’s Resolutions For 2016

By STEVE MASCORD WHEN News Corporation gave up its first and last rights over NRL satellite TV, we heard the expression that rugby league was “in control of its own destiny”. The decision to surrender those rights supposedly cost Rupert Murdoch’s righthand man in Australia, Kim Williams, his job. We had heard the same thing […]

Bondi Beat: December 2015

AFTER the snorefest that doubled as the Second Test in London, maybe it’s time to rethink our approach to tinkering with the rules of rugby league. Instead of asking ourselves how we can make our game more exciting, maybe we really need to look at how we can make it less boring. The NRL is […]

@therealsteavis’ Highlights Of 2015 (Aside From The NRL Grand Final)

By STEVE MASCORD SO the guys from the Full 80 Podcast are calling it a day. “Do you think some of the passion has gone out of the game?” one of them asked me on their last episode. “Like, we still follow our teams, but……” You’ll hear plenty of people say the game is going […]

BONDI BEAT: November 2015 – The differences in RL media between Australia and the UK

By STEVE MASCORD I’VE held off writing about this subject for years now because I feared offending colleagues: the different ways in which rugby league is covered in Australia and Britain. But this year’s Super League grand final presented a couple of extremely stark examples of the contrast and I just couldn’t let the opportunity […]

BONDI BEAT: October 2015 – Disneyland, Globalisation & Jarryd Hayne

By STEVE MASCORD ONE day, the Jarryd Hayne story will be held up as one of the great sagas of Pacific Immigration, a touchstone for all Melanesian people. Manoa Thompson, the father of the San Francisco 49ers recruit who you cannot escape hearing about every day (no matter how hard you try) in Australia, was […]

The A-List: Ryan Hall (:eeds & England)

By STEVE MASCORD HE can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 45 seconds, once addressed his team-mates on how Pythagorus Theorum affects every day life and plays saxophone, piano, guitar and violin. Leeds’ 105kg Ryan Hall may or may not be the best winger in the world – his team-mates call him ‘WBW’ anyway – but […]