Original Sins

By STEVE MASCORD YOU’D imagine after 27 years writing stories like this (but better) that this hack had done everything in the boutique-sized universe of rugby league media duties. True, I have covered games by battling tear gas in the Papua New Guinea highlands, electrical blackouts in Lebanon and hangovers in Keighley. I even once […]

BONDI BEAT: September 2013

By STEVE MASCORD THE big debate in Australia at the moment is on how the State of Origin juggernaut is completely overshadowing, and causing serious damage to, the NRL. Attendance figures at club games have plummeted over the six weeks that the interstate series occupies and a week or two either side of it, when […]

The A-List: ANDREW FIFITA (Cronulla, City, NSW, Indigenous All Stars & Tonga)

By STEVE MASCORD WHEN Andrew Fifita talks about “the coal train”, he’s not making a reference to Dave Taylor. He’s talking about an actual coal train. “It’s when we were down in Griffith that I found it,” the NSW prop says, recalling a vivid childhood memory. “Not walking around but jumping on the trains … […]

The A-List: JOSH REYNOLDS (Canterbury & NSW)

By STEVE MASCORD GRUB Henderson plied his trade on Sydney’s violent rugby league fields in the 1980s. His brutal style of play constantly landed him in front of the judiciary, got him in trouble with officials and eventually ended his career prematurely. Grub Henderson did not exist. He was a figment of the imagination of […]

The Origin Scheduling Conundrum

By STEVE MASCORD ANOTHER Origin series is gone – but we didn’t even wait until it was half over before we started calling for mass changes. Although the concept has been around since 1980, and we’ve tried many venues, days of the week and gaps between matches, it seems we will never be satisfied with […]

The A-List: JAMES MALONEY (Sydney Roosters, Country & NSW)

By STEVE MASCORD HERE’S the thing about James Maloney. Call it a life lesson, if you wish. If you believe what you read, his brashness hurt him in Melbourne. He walked into the joint and treated superstars like he had known them all his life, taking the Mickey out of professionals who weren’t really even […]

BONDI BEAT: August 2013

By STEVE MASCORD IT is 11.12pm and I am sitting in the Suncorp Stadium press box surrounded by half-empty bottles, programmes covered in scribble and colleagues who are concentrating intently and attempting to meet deadlines that I’m pretty sure they won’t. This is the only copy I will file from Origin II, which finished in […]

DISCORD 2013: Edition 29

By STEVE MASCORD IS there anything in life of which it’s impossible to get too much? I’ll be honest, this job comes close. Travelling around going to football games, interviewing rugby league players, writing columns, gibbering on the radio and getting paid for it IS actually as good as it sounds. Some of you would […]

Retrospective: State Of Origin Deciders In Sydney

#1: QUEENSLAND 10 NEW SOUTH WALES 5 at Sydney Cricket Ground, June 22 1982. CONVENTIONAL wisdom has it that NSW only started to take the Origin games seriously when they became a series in 1982. “Tommy Raudonikis says that,” comments the Maroons winger in games one and two and fullback in game three, Mitch Brennan. […]