THE JOY OF SIX: NRL Round One 2014

1. REMEMBER THIS A CONCUSSION expert from Melbourne spoke to NRL chief executives in Auckland last month and spelt out the cold, hard facts of legal action from former players over concussion. The cost to the game, he warned, would be $3 billion. This would close the doors of Rugby League Central indefinitely. Sunday’s comments […]

DISCORD 2014: Edition Eight

By STEVE MASCORD LET’S face it, the NRL didn’t do a very good job of proving that players WERE concussed when their clubs allowed them to play on over the past season or so But now, we are being assured, the League is hellbent on proving they are NOT concussed when – or if – […]

SIN BIN: October 25 2013

By STEVE MASCORD THE most embarrassing bombed try in international rugby league history? Not according to those who saw Martin Offiah’s clanger 23 years ago. “Embarrassed to not score, but nothing wrong with a lil humble pie,” Sonny Bill Williams tweeted after his left foot slipped over the dead ball line as he attempted to […]

DISCORD 2013: Edition 51

By STEVE MASCORD THE use of supplements in rugby league are a bit like that of mobile phones in the wider community – we think they’re safe but we can’t yet be completely sure. News out of Auckland that the old ‘Stillnox’ controversy has made a comeback is obviously of concern. The former Sydney Roosters […]

DISCORD 2013: Edition 46

By STEVE MASCORD WE don’t normally write much about the other code of rugby here but it was fascinating to see one of Ireland’s greatest-ever union players (and good mate of the Johns boys) Brian O’Driscoll sidelined by a doctor on Sunday. At the time O’Driscoll was told he could not return to the field […]

Is The NRL Too Scared To Fine A Club For Breaching Concussion Rules?

By STEVE MASCORD WHEN it comes to doctors, “viral” usually has a more traditional meaning. But over the last month, a video dossier has gone viral – in the modern sense – among medics at NRL clubs. It shows South Sydney halfback Adam Reynolds being administered smelling salts in two matches, against Sydney Roosters and […]


By STEVE MASCORD EVEN if you are reading this the moment RLW hits the streets, there’s a good chance you’ll already be regarding the wall-to-wall ‘SBW v Canterbury’ hype as media overkill. Friday’s game has been canvassed and foreshadowed for so many months that it’s going to be good for many league fans just to […]

BONDI BEAT: January 2013

By STEVE MASCORD ONE aspect of the ARL Commission’s moves to abolish the shoulder charge has been overlooked in all the din of resistance. I’ve already had my say on the issue. I thought Dr Jack Kazandjian was nuts when he ran onto the field in Jacksonville and stopped an international to argue with Phil […]


By STEVE MASCORD I HATE to say I told you so but the Challenge Cup final last week provided us with a perfect example of the Pandora’s Box that has been opened ahead of the finals by the NRL’s new concussion guidelines. In case you missed it (he kind of did, too), Warrington fullback Brett […]