American Civil War Wages On

By STEVE MASCORD YOU know how it was supposed to happen. The United States Tomahawks would shrug off criticism that they were just a bunch of Aussies who went to a bucks weekend in Vegas, capture the hearts of everyone at the World Cup, make the quarter-finals and with the glow of their success still […]

FAR & WIDE: Number 46

By STEVE MASCORD RUGBY League’s lucky number at the moment seems to be nine. Following on from last week’s item about the AMNRL and USARL going their separate ways once more this year, the former has put out a media release saying it will play against teams in the latter in … a nines tournament. […]

FAR & WIDE: Number 45

By STEVE MASCORD THE AMNRL is preparing to announce its program for the year following confirmation there will again be two competitions in the United States. The AMNRL, which runs the Tomahawks national team, and rival USARL had been involved in peace talks for much of last year and a framework for a merger was […]

FAR & WIDE: Number 44

By STEVE MASCORD THE United States came back from 1-0 down in the Colonial Cup against Canada to wrap up the series 3-1 with a 30-22 win – but it was the start of another major controversy Stateside. The Tomahawks side that was subsequently chosen for the World Cup included just five players who took […]

DISCORD 2013: Edition 17

By STEVE MASCORD AT the weekend we saw plenty of evidence that we’re going to see some pretty compelling rugby league at the World Cup. There are claims that the first half of Tonga-Samoa went for 40 minutes but it seemed like five, so fast-paced and enthralling was the football. And New Zealand’s first half […]

BONDI BEAT: March 2013

By STEVE MASCORD THIS is March, which means Bondi Beat again has to make a fool of itself with a bunch of predictions for the forthcoming National Rugby League season. Last year we listed Five Things That Could Go Wrong in 2012. Did the Independent Commission isolate Australia internationally? Well, the green-and-golds refused to play […]

WHITE LINE FEVER Podcast: Episode 41

Bumblefoot, Bobby Ingram & Curtis Cunz