For Sale: Rugby League Week, March 15, 2001 @LeagueWeek

Wests Tigers drugs drama, Colin Best, Sledging, Greg Florimo, Captain Charger, NRL round four Buy HERE

THE JOY OF SIX: NRL Round One 2014

1. REMEMBER THIS A CONCUSSION expert from Melbourne spoke to NRL chief executives in Auckland last month and spelt out the cold, hard facts of legal action from former players over concussion. The cost to the game, he warned, would be $3 billion. This would close the doors of Rugby League Central indefinitely. Sunday’s comments […]


By STEVE MASCORD EARL GREY OVER DANK NEWS EXILED footballer Sandor Earl was not best pleased to read on the Sun-Herald that controversial sports scientist Stephen Dank has a job with the women’s Indian Premier League Twenty20 Cricket Competition. “Unbelieveable – I can’t even play park footy. Flanno (suspended Cronulla coach Shane Flanagan) can’t watch […]

DISCORD 2013: Edition 50

By STEVE MASCORD IT’S not so much the number of zeros on Cronulla’s $1 million doping fine, but how long the Sharks have to pay it. That’s why the club’s supporters should be welcoming reports Cronulla ‘only’ have to shell out $200,000 a year over the next half-decade. We’ve already said here that it would […]

Shopping At ASDA And Forgetting ASADA

By STEVE MASCORD THERE is a history of Australia sending teams to World Cups in Britain with controversy swirling at home. In 1995, it was the Super League War. The courts had ordered the Australians to consider players who had signed for the breakaway league. They were considered – and left out. Heading to a […]

THE JOY OF SIX: Finals Week Three

RUFFLED FEATHERS SYDNEY Roosters coach Trent Robinson accepts blood test results which are not under investigation will still be remembered by some fans long after Sunday’s grand final. “How do you take that back?” he said on ABC yesterday. “The way the media works now, the way all those things are kept on the internet, […]


By STEVE MASCORD WE are one week away from the play-offs in the NRL and have two major controversies hanging over rugby league. Both of them had their origins in the pre-season. Call them slow-burners. The announcement in February that Australian sport had been infiltrated by organised crime and performance-enhancing drug use shocked everyone. But […]

BONDI BEAT: September 2013

By STEVE MASCORD THE big debate in Australia at the moment is on how the State of Origin juggernaut is completely overshadowing, and causing serious damage to, the NRL. Attendance figures at club games have plummeted over the six weeks that the interstate series occupies and a week or two either side of it, when […]

THE JOY OF SIX: Round 21

By STEVE MASCORD PILLAGED RAIDERS DO the mechanisms which give us an even competition also give us even games, or are there completely different influences at work? Melbourne’s 68-4 win over Canberra was the eighth largest margin in premiership history. But the result was not the product of any obvious competitive disparity; Canberra had not […]