White Line Fever playlist: Episode 92

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Black Star Riders – “Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed” buy 

Guns N’ Roses – “November Rain” buy 

Metallica – “Blackened” buy 

Quireboys – “Life’s A Bitch” buy 

Led Zeppelin – “Communication Breakdown” buy

WHITE LINE FEVER Playlist: Episode six

podcast artworkAnthrax – “Earth On Hell” buy

Drivin’ N Cryin’ – “I See Georgia” buy

David Benuik – “North Shore Girls Get Off” buy

Chickenfoot – “Three and a Half Letters” buy 

Janes Addiction – “Irresistible Force” buy 

Choirboys – “Boys Will Be Boys” buy

LOUDMOUTH: April 14 2012


GUITAR hero Steve Lukather says the Rock’N’Roll Hall Of Fames has little credibility and compares forcing estranged band members back together with asking an ex-wife for sex.

The comments of Lukather, who counts Slash amongst his close friends, come as Axl Rose announced he would boycott this weekend’s induction of Guns N’Roses into the Cleveland institution.

“I think it’s Jann Wenner’s popularity contest, much like his ‘who’s the best singer, guitar player?’,” the man behind soft rock kings Toto told the White Line Fever podcast.

“It’s a ridiculous thing to cause controversy and get people to pay attention.

“If it was really the Rock N’Roll Hall Of Fame, how come Deep Purple’s not in it? How come KISS is not in it?

“What’s the first song every kid learns to play? “Smoke On The Water”. But they’re not good enough to be in it? I could list 1000 slights.

“It’s really not based upon anything. A sports hall of fame is based on stats. What have you done? What have you accomplished? How many goals have you made, how many hits have you made? How many home runs? Whatever.”

Lukather, who recently toured Australia with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, continues: “Music, it’s subjective. Who’s the prettiest girl in the room – we might as well have that contest. I don’t really pay any attention to it because it’s way under my radar.

“I think that its credibility is going quickly. It’s unfortunate because they try and get these people who have broken up and are rivals back together again. Many times, they should say ‘let’s just do the gig and have a laugh’.

“Often there’s deep-seated stuff that I’m not privy to, there’s reasons why people don’t want to be in the same room as each other,.

“You don’t go back to your first wife and go ‘hey, how about a little fuck for old time’s sake?’ Maybe sometimes it’ll work – most times it won’t.

“So I can’t make any opinion on Guns N’Roses or any other band that has chosen to do it or not to do it.

“Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame is what it is. It’s one man’s opinion, a room full of 12 angry journalists that wish they were rock stars and they’re not.

“I mean, really, look at some of the people who are in and some of the people who are out. It’s baffling. What’s the criteria.”

Lukather also revealed Toto would reform for a World Tour next year (see video), talking bluntly about previous tours which led him into depression and alcoholism.

Kings Of The Sun Hit Back At Axl Rose, Search For New Singer


AFTER finally responding to Axl Rose 24 years after the Gunners front-man kicked him out of the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Kings Of The Sun drummer Cliff Hoad is looking for a new singer – to replace his brother.

The Gold Coast rockers wrote themselves a little piece of Oz Rock history in December, 1988, when Axl apologised from the stage for having “a puny-assed band” like KOTS open for them. Cliff had said in an interview that GN’R had more than borrowed their tough guy image from Rose Tattoo, and Axl had them kicked out of the Haymarket arena in response.

Their PA support was pulled and their laminates were ripped from around their necks. Hoad has bitten his tongue over the affair for almost quarter of a century but tells Triple M Rock News: “History has shown anything that comes out of that guy’s mouth can be taken with a grain of salt – including (by) his own band members.

“If he was ridiculous and over-sensitive back then, it’s the same today and it doesn’t wash with people anymore. Leaving people out there for two hours and not showing up for gigs, doing things that are really disrespectful to his fans and his band members and even himself …

“So whatever he said about me, or Kings Of The Sun, is just water off a duck’s back. I never thought anything of it. When I said those things, I meant them. It wasn’t necessarily aimed at Guns N’Roses. It was aimed at the Australian press and public. ‘OK, make a fuss over Guns N’Roses but at least know that Rose Tattoo exists.”

Cliff believes the time is right to relaunch Kings Of The Sun, now that the Baby Animals, Cold Chisel and Nick Barker & The Reptiles are treading the boards once again. The only problem is that blond-maned singer – and Cliff’s brother – Jeffrey Hoad isn’t interested.

Jeffrey Hoad last September was convicted in a Brisbane court of drugs production charges and sentenced to a suspended 12-month prison term/

So Cliff is looking for an Aussie singer who looks flashy but is far enough from being a wanker to avoid Aussie crowds throw things at him.

“The magic of Jeff is a very hard act to follow but as you know I have been left with no other way to go but to follow your recommendations, fans!” Cliff says.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Check out the classic KOTS song “Serpentine” at the bottom of this page let us know. Send your videos to Hotmetalmag@gmail.com.

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