HEAVEN: Not Waiting (2012)

Heaven in 2012


WHEN your band is called Heaven, it stands to reason that death is going to play a big role in how your career unfolds.

For the Australian 80s hard rock heroes of that name, it was not one death but two that led to their reformation, which is now in overdrive after a run of shows in the past month.

Drummer and band spokesman Joe Turtur’s day job these days is catering for rock concerts. In 2009, he found himself delivering grub for the Mick Cocks benefit show at Enmore Theatre. Former Rose Tattoo – and Heaven – guitarist Cocks was battling cancer at the time.

“We didn’t know what was going to happen with Mick,” said the talkative Turtur. “At the time, at Mick’s benefit, he seemed pretty good, it was pretty promising but six months later, he died.

“We were all at the funeral. That was a pretty touching moment for us. John Haese, who was the guitar player before Mick … John and Mick were very good friends (despite) the fact Mick had replaced John.

“We were all there and also our manager was there, Michael Browning, and a whole bunch of people – Jon Stevens, a whole bunch of people who were associated with the Michael Browning camp at the time. And lots of media, industry folk. Of course, all of Rose Tattoo. We get on well with all those guys, we’d done plenty of gigs with Angry and stuff. It was just a big day for us, you know? It was a realisation that we are still around, we’re still healthy, let’s do it again.”

The ephemeral nature of life was also re-enforced when Mark Evans, formerly of Heaven and a little band called AC/DC, went to Canberra for a gig around the same time. He ran into the brother of ex-Heaven guitarist, Bradford Kelly.

“He said ‘how’s Kelly’ and he said ‘you don’t know?” Mark said ‘know what?’ and he said ‘Kelly died … about a year ago’.

“As it turns out, he basically went to Canberra because that’s where his family was from. He was a bit of a loner … and died of AIDS. Prior to us, when he was with Swanee, he used to shoot up quite a bit and he contracted AIDS from sharing needles. None of us knew. I don’t think he even knew when he was in Heaven that he had AIDS. I suppose we’re probably all lucky that none of us contracted it – not that there were sexual connotations in any way.”

It’s the era of reunions in Australian rock – Nick Barker and the Reptiles did the circuit a couple of weeks ago and the Baby Animals are around next week. But Turtur and his men are half a generation older than those types – and twice as determined.

Former guitarist Mitch Perry had been lined up to be part of the reformation but was recruited by Lita Ford. So Rowan Robertson of LA big rockers the DC4 has filled the breach.

“Mitch (still) very much wants to be a part of Heaven,” says Turtur. “Whether that happens later on, we just don’t know. There is some talk of us going overseas later in the year. There’s also some possibility of some more work here in December and January …”

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