DISCORD 2012: Edition 27


YOU know what smacked me in the face last night? State of Origin’s unfulfilled potential.

This is an event that stops the nation and has all sorts of weird corners of the globe glued to the television set, yet we play it in the same two or three places each year and throw it out there without the sort of promotional push it needs.

There are people like rugby union great Gareth Thomas and soccer players Rio Ferdinand and Joe Barton who sing its praises for free. We should be doing more to harness them.

I want to have a bigger think about this before I doing any “throwing out there” of our own but it’s no use having a golden egg if you leave it in the nest.


AS for the Justin Hodges try, people who know more about the laws of the game and their current interpretations have already had their say.

But from where I sat (second row of press box, couldn’t see western touchline), commonsense dictated this was a try but current interpretations meant it should not have been.

If you run behind a defender with the ball, unless the depth is enormous, it’s an obstruction under current rule interpretations. Several similar tries have been disallowed in recent years.

Ricky Stuart was very sporting indeed not to blow up.


MY colleague Andy Wilson joked after the first England-Exiles game that there was “poor travelling support from Exile-land” at Langtree Park.

Having left Suncorp Stadium at 1.30am this morning, I simply could not face getting up at 5am to watch the second game.

But you know what? When I heard the result today I was involuntarily quite happy. To have Steve Menzies back in representative football and shining was a great thing – as was hearing that Brett Hodgson excelled.

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