Bondi Beat: December 2015

AFTER the snorefest that doubled as the Second Test in London, maybe it’s time to rethink our approach to tinkering with the rules of rugby league. Instead of asking ourselves how we can make our game more exciting, maybe we really need to look at how we can make it less boring. The NRL is […]

WHITE LINE FEVER Podcast: Episode 73

Nigel Wood: We Should Never Have Let Union Call Itself ‘Rugby’

By STEVE MASCORD RUGBY league’s most senior official says the sport made a grave mistake by surrendering the word “rugby” to the 15 man game. While in Australia “rugby” almost always means rugby union, it is still used to describe both sports in England, where the split in codes was along geographical grounds and the […]

BONDI BEAT: December 2014

By STEVE MASCORD IT’S not overstating things that there has been something of a paradigm shift in out game as a result of the recently-completed Four Nations. I have a favourite saying about the warring factions within our game: the parochial populists and the outward-looking anoraks: if the meek are to inherit the earth, then […]

BONDI BEAT: January 2015

By STEVE MASCORD ROB Peter to pay Paul. Give with the left hand and take with the right. Better the devil you know. Rugby league has always loved clichés and as the Australian authorities belatedly look at rationalising their fixture list and recognising the importance of international football, Bondi Beat is put in mind of […]

THE JOY OF SIX: International Season Week Seven

By STEVE MASCORD McNAMARA STAYS ENGLAND coach Steve McNamara has been retained. When asked by Set of Six what process would determine who has the job next year, Rugby Football League chief executive Nigel Wood told us: “There is no process because there is no vacancy. Steve is 12 months into a two year contract.” […]

Richo: I Have A Dream

Shane Richardson says the running of the international game makes him angry – and here provides solutions to the problems.

DISCORD 2014: Edition Three

By STEVE MASCORD WHILE most of the rule changes announced by the NRL for the coming season are intelligent and helpful, the competition continues down its road to becoming a different sport to the one played elsewhere in the world. In fact, the NRL must be close to being, technically, the third code of rugby. […]

THE JOY OF SIX: International Season week one

By STEVE MASCORD 1. WHAT IN THE WORLD? ACCORDING to the Rugby League International Federation constitution, the gates of all Tests are to be levied with the money going into central funds. The levy is supposed to apply, as a percentage, the same to Saturday’s Vanuatu-Niue game in Port Vila as April’s Australia-New Zealand match […]