LOUDMOUTH: July 26, 1989

DIESEL will drive your dollar twice as far next month following the announcement of a second show on the Rock N Roll Tour for the Hordem Pavilion on Wednesday August 16.
What’s more, lasi time we looked there was still a cuppla seats left for the first gig on August 15. So be the first on your block to go utterly deaf after just two nights out!
While you’re at it. cop the mighty Georgia Satellites and gee-tar history make: Alvin Lee for absolutely no extra charge.
“I saw this song on MTV – I don’t have it at home but I was looking at it at a friend’s place – and I saw this song I really liked.” an anecdotal Satellites frontman Dan Baird told Loudmouth from (where else?) Atlanta,  Georgia.
Then at the end of it it said it was Johnny Diesel and I thought ‘so we’re touring with them – cool’.
“You don’t know what a relief it is to be touring with a band you actually like.
“Wc toured with one we didn’t like once, but I don’t want to name them because that’s ugly”
It appears the nasty execs from Electra have banned the advance release here to co-incide with the tour of a single from the Satellites’ upcoming third LP. the reason being such a release would “interfere with the US market. Sure, and President Marcos may coach Canterbury.
Baird says the Satellites will play ten songs in their 40 minute supporting set on the tour – three from their debut, three from Open All Night, three from the newy and “Hippy Hippy Shake”, their contribution to the Cocktail soundtrack.
Once again, Loudmouth will collect its filthy, stinking pile of scurge-ridden possessions and hit the road, destined for the Rock n Roll Tour’s Oz debut at Adelaide Thebarton Theatre on August 2.
Alvin Lee better change his hotel pseudonym before he arrives, or else he’s gonna get some phone calls from working class kids wanting to speak to Jimmy.
Speaking of which, what are the chances of Mr Barnes (whose pseudodnym might be Mr Lee) not getting up with the Diesels in Sydney? About the chance of Slash being a virgin, methinx.
For all those people calling OTS this week. no. Alvin Lee is not a former member of the Chipmunks-
No, I don’t know if the Chipmunks have broken up. Go awav.

MUCH of the new release interest this week revolves around Black & White, a group of rap vocalists and HR musicians who stage a high frequency audio war on vinyl. Aside from saying members of Guns N’Roses and Motley Crue are playing and a bunch of rappers are singing and that’s where the name comes from, we can’t tell you anything more ’cause they won’t tell us!

Dear Loudmouth,
Last week I saw a Sydney band that’s been doing the circuit for a few years. I’ve been hearing about the band’s great guitarist for a while now. Everything I heard about this guy was soon confirmed. I’m a little disappointed at the lack of recognition this fellow’s getting.
I spoke to the guitarist after the show. His name is Lorry Rayment.
I would like to see something on the guitarist in your magazine. I would really appreciate some photos to be published.
Perry Richards (Bankstown)
Loudmouth now has enough letters like this to build a life-size paper mache opera house. How many relatives you got, Laurie? Funny how they all seem to be from Bankstown.. . Hahaha. Or. if they’re all real punters, why haven’t we written a story about you. Good question, that…

Don’t forget. White Lion’s “Little Fighter”, a tribute to the Rainbow Warrior, is out now as a single, while the great cover art is enough to tell us that there’s another WL LP on the shelves, this time Big Game.
Roxus guitarist Joe Cool lists “writing a symphony” as one of his major ambitions!
• Remember when there were ethics which stated if you were a journalist and you worked as a public relations officer for a band, you were automatically excluded from writing about them?
After all, you’re hardly gonna be very impartial if good press is likely to line your pockets, are you. And beneath all the glitz and hype, it is still journalism, not cheap promotion of personalities.
Why the f * “k, then, is Guns n’Roses band publicist Arlett Vereecke writing interviews with Axl Rose for magazines? And why is she selling the stories?
I’ll give this,caper away the day I pay for press releases.
• If you’ll remember, the last (spectacular, brilliant) Great White album was called Once Bitten. The follow-up is Twice Shy, and it’s already up around 16 on the US charts. Lemme tell ya, the single “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” is so good its in sell-your-grandmother’s-underwear-on-the-black- market-to-get-the-money territory. It’s that good.
• For those with a distinct AOR bent. Richard Marx gig at the Enmore Theatre (where? Enmore Road. Where? Enmore) on August 25 shapes up as a biggy.
“Satisfied” recently went to number one in the US, keeping up his huge profile since all those hits off his debut album.
In case you didn’t know. Ricky wrote Robin Zander and Ann Wilson’s “Surrender To Me” and co-wrote/produced Vixen‘s breakthrough “Edge Of A Broken Heart”.
• Now, I know it’s a case of you either love or hate Marx, but personally I think he’s one of the few believable AOR stars around at the moment, with a voice as convincing as Lou Gramm‘s and a freakish knack of writing quality songs.

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